You can HELP us meet basic needs:

Food and clean water, Medicine, Clothes, scholastic and educational materials, and any thing good you would wish for you self or your child.                                                                                                                We also need sports equipments and manpower.

Help us Fundraise and Endorsing light up life foundations                                                                                      

We all can do some thing to help. You can support light up life foundations with a Monthly love gift of $20 to sponsor a child. Help us endorse light up life foundations projects by Organizing a Monthly or One Time EVENT at your Home, Church or Work Place to help create AWARENESS and spread the good Word about Light Up Life foundations and to raise Support for the work that we doing. You can contact us to provide you with the martial needed for the endorsement of Light Up Life Projects and Missions .We will also send you Paper Beads, African Crafts made by the Kids that People can buy.